Aviation Failure Analysis Services

DVI's Aviation Experts provide accurate, efficient, and affordable failure analysis services. We understand the importance of providing clients with practical and comprehensive data that can withstand the scrutiny of peer review. DVI's Aerospace Experts are capable of performing a broad range of tests to determine the strength, physical, chemical, and wear properties of metals, coatings, ceramics, composites, and plastics. DVI's Metallurgical Experts bring a strong experience in applying modern materials science coupled with a focus on failure analysis and the use of standardized testing techniques. We can evaluate the effects of corrosion, temperature, and mechanical stresses on the performance of materials.

DVI's aviation lab services include: failure analysis, mechanical testing, metallographic analysis, laboratory instrumentation, field inspections, component inspections, lubricant & fuel testing, corrosion testing, microscopy, photo documentation, site surveys, animations, simulations, and videography.

Our avaition laboratory can provide specialty testing for crankshafts, camshafts, vacuum pumps, fuel pumps, fasteners, gears, starters, alternators, magnetos,  brakes, fuel additives, oils, carburetors, fuel injectors, engines, and helicopter parts.