From the President

DVI Aviation is a multi-disciplinary aviation company that combines scientific analysis, material science, laboratory testing, piloting expertise, aircraft maintenance, and human factors to investigate aviation and aircraft accidents and promote air safety.   

Steven Meyers

Our staff is a world class team of aviation experts that brings practical and easily understood solutions to seemingly complex technical issues. Our industry credentials are irrefutable and range from pioneering scientific research, to professional piloting, to performing aircraft maintenance.  Our multi-disciplinary approach to crash investigations will exceed your expectations. 


Steven J. Meyers, Ph.D.

President and Chief Scientist 

Mr. Steven Meyers is an experienced aircraft accident investigator that combines scientific analysis, material science, piloting expertise, aircraft maintenance, and human factors to investigate air safety issues. He earned a Doctor of Philosophy of Aeronautical Science, Master of Aeronautical Science Degree, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering Physics, an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology, and an Extension Diploma in Applied General Metallurgy. He is a Graduate of National Test Pilot School Technical Pilot Course, with 21+ years of experience test flying aircraft in support of accident investigations. He has piloted and/or instructed in 65+ different types of aircraft ranging from turbojets to gliders. He is an FAA licensed Commercial Pilot (Single-Engine, Multi-Engine, Glider, Seaplane), Instrument, Certified Flight Instructor (CFI/MEI). He is an FAA licensed Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic (A&P) with FAA Inspection Authorization (IA), and an FAA Designated Mechanic Examiner (DME).

He has conducted several hundred failure analysis and aircraft accident investigations. His experiences include airframe and powerplant system design and interface issues, flight and ground testing, human factor analysis of both flight and maintenance operations, and the evaluation of material wear and lubrication (tribology). These investigations have involved complex accident reconstructions, the development of unique/customized test procedures, and interdisciplinary expertise. He served in the USAF/ANG as a non-commissioned Intelligence Officer.

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