Aviation Human Factors Experts

Aviation Human Factors is the silent relationship that exists between the person, machine and environment. Understanding this intangible relationship is often the key to determining the causation on an accident. DVI’s Aviation Human Factors Experts routinely evaluate the limitations and capabilities of people, including memory, perception, reaction time, judgment, physical size and dexterity, and visual acuity, relative to the performance of products and systems. 

  Our Aviation Human Factors Expertise Includes:

  • Sensory Illusions and Spatial Disorientation
  • Approach and Landing Errors
  • Perceptional Blindness
  • Cockpit Automation
  • Evaluation of Cockpit Displays, and Controls 
  • Performance and Alertness
  • Crew Resource Management
  • Selection and Training of Pilots
  • The Cabin Environment
  • Low visibility Environments
  • Fall Protection, Jet Bridges
  • Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance