Evaluating Patent Infringement and Intellectual Property

DVI’s Aviation Patent Experts have experience in providing technical services for issues involving patent infringements and intellectual property disputes. Additionally, DVI’s Aviation Intellectual Property Experts have also been retained by investors to evaluate and provide unbiased technical assessments on novel technologies or to verify inventor claims. Below are some typical cases studies that DVI’s Intellectual Property Experts have been involved with.

·         Infringement Analysis

·         Invalidity Assessment

·         Patentability

·         Prior Art Research

·         Technical Evaluations

·         Due Diligence

·         Product Testing

·         Design Analysis

·         Laboratory Testing

·         Reverse Design Analysis

·         Laser Scanning

·         Animations

·         Demonstrative Exhibits


Case Study: Intellectual Property Dispute

An international company lost their chief engineer to a smaller competitor. Shortly, thereafter the smaller company began producing a very similar product.  DVI’s Aviation Experts were retained to perform subject and exemplar testing to establish if any of the patent claims were violated, and if the performance of prior art would invalidate the original patent.


Case Study: Verifying Inventor's Claims

A large university developed a very novel method for inspecting materials for sub-surface anomalies. The university was unsuccessful at commercializing the technology. Years later, the technology was discovered by an angle investment firm. The investment firm retained DVI’s Aviation Experts, to verify the inventor’s claims, identify technology gaps that might exist, and provide a comprehensive report as to the current state of readiness.


Case Study: Bridging a Technology Gap

A small start up company developed a novel propulsion solution for unmanned aerial vehicles. The engine was very successful, but had a short service life. An investment firm hired DVI’s Aviation Experts to identify the technology gap that prevented the propulsion unit from achieving a longer service life.


Case Study: Patent Infringement

A small company developed a new and novel sensor for a piece of machinery. The small company tried unsuccessfully to license their idea to a larger company that has the majority of the market share with a similar piece of machinery. Several years later the larger company started to sell equipment with the same senor technology that was disclosed to them during the licensing negotiations. DVI’s Aviation Experts were retained to determine if the smaller companies patent claims were being infringed upon.