Good Experts are Good Teachers

If you're getting ready for a trial in which you need to explain scientific or technical concepts, it can be helpful to have a skilled teacher on the stand -- partly because teachers have learned how to teach others, but just as important, because their work teaches them every day to remember where their students are starting. Teachers know the hands-on demonstrations that get the point across, the analogies to daily life.

DVI's Aviation Experts all have a passion for teaching and instructing. Our experts teach within the mainstream of aviation, and have trained university students, pilots, mechanics, attorneys, claims adjusters, and manufacture representatives.

DVI's Instructors can custom tailor an accident investigation training program for your organization. DVI offers a half day, 2 day, and 5 day training program. The purpose of the training programs are to provide “real world” training on the use of scientific methodologies utilized during an aircraft accident investigation, and the application of these methodologies to a variety of different case studies. Topics covered in DVI’s workshops includes: detailed and complex aircraft accident/wreckage reconstruction, flight path reconstruction, failure and fracture analysis, tribology, material science, material wear failures, radar and weather analysis, aircraft systems analysis, in-flight breakups, mid-air collisions, crashworthiness and survivability, witness interviews, in-flight and post-impact fires, and human Factors (flight and maintenance). The content of these courses have been taught at accredited institutions, FAA sponsored workshops, and corporations including: Lewis University, Wichita State University, SAE Aerospace, and Boeing Aircraft Company. 

2017-2018 Course Schedule

Applied Aircraft Accident Investigations- Lewis University Course # 473905

December 8-9, 2017

 Applied Aircraft Accident Investigations- Lewis University Course # 473905

March 11-12, 2018

October 12-13, 2018